Accurate and Efficient Title Examinations and Reports

Title Exams and Reports

A title exam is an examination by a title agent of all public records that affect the property a buyer is purchasing. The title agent reviews prior mortgages, judgments, and liens to make sure they were all paid in full and past wills, deeds and trusts, making sure the title has passed correctly to each new owner. The title agent is looking for unpaid taxes, an unsatisfied contractor’s lien, a boundary dispute, or fraudulent documents – any issue that can interfere with your purchase.

You and a seller have agreed on a real estate transaction. Once that happens:

  • A title company is brought in as the next step. 
  • The title company will conduct title searches and title exams – essentially the same thing with the two terms used interchangeably.
  • Excel Title Services accurately and promptly performs title searches/exams, including sixty-year searches and current owner searches.
  • We can even coordinate your title searches/exam needs across the U.S.

Excel Title Services is my go-to title company. They consistently provide top-notch service, and their staff is a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Jennifer S.

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