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Providing attorney driven residential and commercial title services for the security and peace of mind of your legal documents.


Excel Title Services went above and beyond to ensure a smooth closing for my new home. Their dedication and personalized approach set them apart from other title companies. I am grateful for their exceptional service.


Unlike traditional insurance that protects you against something in the future, title insurance protects you from something in the past. You only pay a premium once, at the time of the closing.

A title exam is an examination by a title agent of all public records that affect the property a buyer is purchasing. The title agent reviews prior mortgages, judgments, and liens to make sure they were all paid in full and past wills, deeds and trusts, making sure the title has passed correctly to each new owner. The title agent is looking for unpaid taxes, an unsatisfied contractor’s lien, a boundary dispute, or fraudulent documents – any issue that can interfere with your purchase.

Excel Title Services accurately and promptly performs Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and litigation searches throughout the U.S. Excel Title Services can also ensure the proper filing of UCC-1 financing statements and any UCC-3 amendments in all states.

In foreclosure matters, Excel Title Services is an experienced provider of Preliminary Judicial Reports and Judicial Commitments. Foreclosure occurs when mortgage lenders take possession of real estate to recoup losses on a defaulted loan. When foreclosure begins, the lender obtains a title report to verify certain information about the property.

ExcelExchanges is a 1031 exchange facilitator committed to providing professional client service, efficiency, value, reliability and peace of mind. Our team of tax attorneys and professionals structure, coordinate and document 1031 exchanges for clients across the country.

Excel Title Services experienced staff of closing agents is highly skilled at coordinating all aspects of a real estate transaction. We prepare all necessary closing documentation, review surveys and disburse closing funds.

Through our network of contacts, we are able to effectively coordinate transactions involving sites in multiple counties and states. Our experienced team has extensive experience in national real estate transactions.

Each state has their own requirements and we have both the industry contacts and the experience necessary to address any interstate issues that might impact your project.

At the conclusion of your real estate transaction, we’ll take all documents related to the transaction and ensure they are recorded with the proper local, state and national entities. We make sure the files are correct and in the right place. Our experts will ensure the timely recording of deeds, mortgages, leases, etc., to protect your real estate interests. We will determine the applicable recording fees and transfer tax, file documents where required, and address all other recording issues.

Most lenders and title insurance underwriters require a survey of the property being purchased or mortgaged. Excel Title Services will assist you in locating a land surveyor for the appropriate land survey to fit the needs of your real estate transaction.

We will order a survey and review for any potential problems. If any issues are discovered, we will notify the real estate broker, lender and the new buyer immediately.

Excel Title Services is fully equipped to act as the Escrow Agent on any transaction, including managing earnest money escrow accounts and post-closing escrow accounts. Excel Title Services is fully insured and its closings may be insured on request.


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  • Excel Title Services Offering Electronic Document Recording In Select OH Counties

    Excel Title Services has begun using eRecording in multiple Ohio counties, including Butler, Clermont, Warren and Hamilton County.  eRecording delivers real estate instruments, e.g. deeds, mortgages, etc., electronically to the Recorder, making the recording process faster and more efficient. eRecording saves our clients time and money on document recording and returns, according to Excel Title Services Manager and DBL…

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Attorney driven title services for the security and peace of mind of your legal documents.

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