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Excel Title Services Offering Electronic Document Recording In Select OH Counties

Excel Title Services has begun using eRecording in multiple Ohio counties, including Butler, Clermont, Warren and Hamilton County.  eRecording delivers real estate instruments, e.g. deeds, mortgages, etc., electronically to the Recorder, making the recording process faster and more efficient.

eRecording saves our clients time and money on document recording and returns, according to Excel Title Services Manager and DBL Law Partner Patrick Hughes.  It also reduces the time it takes to process a document for recording, from three to five working days to within minutes or hours of the initial submission.  eRecording reduces rejections, document and payment errors and enables Excel Title Services to provide electronic payment without having to cut and process paper checks.  It also provides enhanced document tracking and security.

Document recording is an important process and a critical part of real estate law.  Recording real estate documents is among the oldest functions in the United States and until quite recently, real estate documents, such as deeds and mortgages could only be submitted in paper form to counties…until eRecording came along.

The electronic document recording process involves digitally creating, submitting and recording legally binding land records.  It encompasses the use of several technologies that allow those involved to create, sign, transmit, record, index, archive, and return the original property records sometimes without ever touching a piece of paper.

This is just the latest technology Excel Title Services and DBL Law have implemented so as to deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

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