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We Make Sure Your Survey is Foolproof.

Survey Ordering and Coordination

Most lenders and title insurance underwriters require a survey of the property being purchased or mortgaged. Excel Title Services will assist you in locating a land surveyor for the appropriate land survey to fit the needs of your real estate transaction.

We will order a survey and review for any potential problems. If any issues are discovered, we will notify the real estate broker, lender and the new buyer immediately.

Title insurance can protect you from the following:

  • Undisclosed or unknown heirs
  • Forged deeds, mortgages, wills, and other documents
  • Probate issues
  • Deeds and wills by persons of unsound mind
  • Conveyances by undisclosed divorced spouses
  • Deeds by persons falsely representing their marital status

Our Survey Ordering and Coordination Specialists

Five stars for Excel Title Services! They were proactive in addressing any concerns, and their attention to detail was impressive. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again in the future.

Emily R.

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